Thursday, September 12, 2013

Florida Too Lax on Texting and Driving

Adults Just as Guilty of Texting and Driving As Teens 

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Americans love their cell phones.  In fact, as many as 82% of American adults have a cell phone.There is a growing concern about teenagers texting and driving. However, studies have shown that adults are texting just as much or more when driving. Adults log more hours on the road. They use their so called down time or drive time for working and connecting with friends and family.

The fact is that no matter your age, ones reaction time is delayed when they are distracted. We just can't really do two things at once. So the question is "Are cell phones truly a distraction?"

Are the cell phone use laws while driving in the state of Florida stringent enough? It is illegal to text and drive in Florida. However, drivers can only be pulled over and sited as a secondary offense. When sited is the $30.00 fine enough to really deter anyone? In Florida, 1,000's of accidents a year are caused by drivers using their cell phones.

According to a study conducted by Texas A&M University's Texas Transportation Institute found on cell phones are a distraction.

Participants were asked to stop when they saw a flashing yellow light. Those who drove the course without texting responded to the signal in two seconds. But when the driver was texting, the response time was extended by three to four seconds. Additionally, the texting driver was 11 times more likely to miss the flashing light altogether.

The 3-4 second lag time in the actual driving study is significant because in that period at highway speeds one can travel the length of a football field. Read the full report.

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We all think we can do two things at once. The reality is that our mind switches back and forth between the two tasks. Sometimes so quickly that it almost seems as if we are doing two things at the same time. Take the test on the video below to see if you can really do two things at a time. After taking the test how confident are you about driving and texting, no matter your age and driving ability.
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