Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NBA Star Dwyane Wade Finalizes Divorce

Lengthy Court Battle Ends 

Three years after his divorce was granted, Miami Heat heat guard Dwyane Wade is now able to move forward after finally reaching a financial settlement with his ex-wife.

A turning point in the case may have been an agreement that Siohvaughn Funches, his ex-wife, reportedly signed, promising not to speak badly of her ex-spouse. The NBA star will pay his former wife $5 million as part of the settlement that also includes a "non-disparagement" clause, preventing either of them to speak disparagingly of each other, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Ex-Wife Claimed She Was Homeless

The basketball player filed for divorce in 2007, it was granted in 2010, and he was awarded sole custody of his two sons in 2011. The divorce became a public matter as Wade’s ex-wife repeatedly took actions against Wade, the latest which was sleeping on a busy Chicago street next to a large poster that claimed Wade left her homeless and without money.

“Dwyane Wade is offering to pay only some of what he owes me if I sign an agreement never again to discuss what happened in our marriage or with our children. I refuse,” she told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I finally told Carr I just wanted to end the case and keep my freedom and my voice. I told him I didn’t want anything from Dwyane. The judge demanded the trial continue. I couldn’t believe it.”

Non-disparagement Agreements

Attorney James Pritikin said Wade paid his ex-wife $25,000 a month, her monthly mortgage, four cars and fees by the 16 attorneys she hired for divorce and custody proceedings. The two were former high school sweethearts.

Legally, these agreements are known as non-disparagement agreements, which prevent each party from talking badly about the other. These kind of agreement most usually are found in employment contracts to prevent an employee from speaking badly about the company upon leaving employment with that company.

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