Thursday, April 4, 2013

Business Owners - Do You Need a Lawyer on Retainer

Affordable Business Attorneys Help With Common Small Business Issues

Small Business or Big Business - A Day in the Life of a CEO

8:00  Good News.  You landed a huge national retail chain.  Along with that good news comes several book length standard practice requirements.  One on purchase orders, one on payment, one on shipping, one on . . . . You can be legally liable for any aspect of breach from hundreds of pages that you are agreeing to abide by.  Should you just accept the PO and hope for the best?

8:30  Bad News.  You have always had a policy of signing every check, but for this one little subsidiary, you didn’t want to be bothered.  Besides all the checks were for under $500 and the bookkeeper in that department seemed golden.  What you didn’t know was that she had some financial problems and started writing some of those $300 checks to herself.  You find out $20,000 later.  Now what?

9:00  Good News.  The $700,000 equipment lease has been approved.  But you will have to give a personal guarantee.  What is your exposure?  Should you do it?

9:30   Bad News.  The insurance company auditor just did a walk through in your plant.  Under the new rules, you just can’t stack stuff that high anymore unless you have a much more high powered sprinkler or sprinklers in the pallet racks.  They will drop you in 30 days if you don’t comply.  Can they do that?  Is that the rule?  Who says?  What are the options?

10:00   Good News.  You have just received a $150,000 order from a customer who normally orders in much smaller amounts.  You can really use that order right now, but  you have a nagging doubt about whether you can fill it according to the requested terms.  How can you lower your risk?  Should you do the deal?

10:30  Bad News.  You have an employee in your office crying her eyes out.  She feels that one of your managers is holding her back from a promotion because he is looking for something in return.  He has touched her in a marginally inappropriate manner.   What are your options?  How do you handle this?

11:00  Good News.  The CFO has found a way to save thousands of dollars by switching computer systems.  The new computer company wants a two year contract for upgrades, security, maintenance, retraining, etc.  The contract is almost $50,000 for those two years.  The hardware looks great.  The software should save time and provide better customer service.  But what about this contract?

11:30  Bad News.  Lightning struck the roof of a satellite office and took out one of the air conditioning compressors.   The landlord says “Not my problem!”  The insurance company says, “Talk to your landlord.”  You have the lease and the insurance contract in front of you on your desk, but what can you do next?

It isn’t even noon yet!!  Sure, it isn’t likely that you would have so many issues on a given morning, but any of  these issues and so many more are part of the fabric of running any business.  Having a trusted attorney that you can call for direction is simply  good business thinking.

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