Monday, March 25, 2013

Yes, It’s A Very Good Idea to Hire A Divorce Lawyer

How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer

Whether you are leaving the marriage on your own accord, or you were served with divorce papers, the fact remains that divorce is one of the most difficult life situations to walk through.  There are many experiences in life that require you to individually assert your own strength and willpower to accomplish what needs to be done.
However, divorce is not one of those times - doing this alone should not even be considered an option.
This can be a very long and difficult process for all parties involved, especially if there are children caught in the middle.  Unfortunately, it is all too common for the two people divorcing to allow their emotions to dictate their actions, which can often cloud clear thinking and lead to poor decisions that will lead to regret afterward.  
A divorce lawyer is available to help sort through the issues that are most important to you, and to assist you in making appropriate preparations for the new life ahead of you.  
It is understandable that you desire to protect your financial stability, and this is why it is especially important for you to hire a divorce attorney.  This way, your best interests and your children’s best interests are being represented, and you will have peace of mind knowing that someone is working to protect your rights, your assets, and your financial future.  Having a divorce lawyer will actually help to protect your ability to stay financially stable once the divorce process is completed.
Once you know that divorce is the next step, it is important for you to hire a lawyer to be your guide, protector, and defender.  Here are some tips for finding a lawyer that is a good fit for you.

Ask Around.  It is likely that you have friends or family who have experienced a divorce and have had a personal experience.

Do Your Homework.  Once you have a few names to contact, meet with the candidates to determine who seems like a good fit for you.  Most lawyers in the field provide free initial consultations and it is to your advantage to consult with each attorney to see who will best advocate your position.  Don’t be afraid to ask him/her for clients you can contact and inquire about the services they received.  Ask whether the lawyer was easily accessible or whether the client had to wait several days before getting a call returned.  Inquire about what fees are due immediately and how future fees are calculated.

Ask All The Questions You Want.  This is your opportunity to conduct and interview and find out whether this lawyer is one you can trust with your divorce details.  Ask such questions as:
  • Do they primarily practice family law or some other specialty?
  • Can they give you an estimate of the total cost for their services?
  • How long does a case like this generally last?
  • What is their view of divorce and how do they approach the situation?  Do they work to bring peace or add fuel to the tension between the parties involved?
  • What is their retainer policy?  Is any of the money ever refunded?
  • Do they have additional people working on the case?  If so, are there additional charges?
  • What outcomes do they most often see in terms of dividing assets, child custody and child support (if applicable), and other related issues?

Go With Your Gut.  If your initial reaction is uneasiness or a sense of not being understood or respected by this person, then walk away.  It is better to lose a little bit of time because of a bad feeling than to stay with a lawyer who you do not feel comfortable with.

Get It In Writing.  Once you have found the best lawyer to represent you, be sure to get your agreement in writing.  This is, after all, a business relationship and you want to make sure that you have a formal agreement of what this relationship will entail.
We work hard to ensure our clients are treated with the utmost care, especially while experiencing the pain and agony that divorce often brings.  Call us today to set up a consultation so that we can help you plan for the next steps you need to take.


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