Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Traffic Offenses Could Affect Your Employment

Why Bother Hiring A Traffic Defense Lawyer?

You just got another ticket for speeding, but you’re not too worried about it.  You know the routine:  get pulled over, feel bummed that you were caught again, pay the fine, hope you do a better job of looking for cops, and move forward.  Before buying that police radar detector, you may want to stop and consider whether your accumulation of tickets is going to negatively impact your future.

It's Just a Few Tickets - Does It Really Matter? YES!

People often don’t realize the long lasting effects a moving violation can have on a person’s:
  1. Insurance rates
  2. Driving record
  3. Employment opportunities

In addition to the ticket fine you will be required to pay, you probably already know that getting a moving violation will get points on your driving record, which will end up causing your auto insurance rates to jump up.  In tough economic times we’re facing today, every penny counts, so why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to have someone to represent you in this matter?  
You may have never even considered contacting a traffic lawyer before, and assumed that everyone just goes to court on their own.  A traffic defense lawyer has extensive knowledge and experience of traffic laws that everyday citizens know nothing about.  In many cases, merely retaining a lawyer can result in lesser sanctions or even dismissal of your case, based on defects with the citation.  
While paying a little extra each month on your auto insurance may not really bother you too much, consider the effect this traffic ticket could have on your driving record.  Since this is a public document, anyone can access your driving history.  And do you know who cares about your traffic violations?  Present and future employers - especially if the job you hold or are seeking requires any work hours behind the wheel.  In addition, if you are ever in a legal trial of any kind, lawyers can under the right circumstances access this document and use any of the information against you.
These are major issues that do not need to be dealt with on your own.  Contact the law offices of Eric Kay at (954)764-7373 or email us today for a free consultation.  Let us hear the details of your particular situation, and we’ll provide you with suitable options.  

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