Monday, March 11, 2013

Personal Injury - Do I have A Case?

Personal Injury Attorney Offers Free Consultation 

Personal injury can be experienced as a result of someone else’s accidental or purposeful negligence, including:

  • Physical Injuries:  You have suffered from one or more physical problems related to an incident that happened at work, at an amusement park, or while walking down the street.  Whether it happened directly or as a result of negligence on the part of an individual or corporation, the result is that you have had to seek medical attention and pay for medical services out of pocket, for a condition that you did not have prior to this incident.
  • Emotional Injuries:  You were involved in a situation that was emotionally abusive and/or taxing for an extended amount of time, whether at your place of employment, or while working under a particular manager, or even being publicly slandered and losing your reputation.  You have had to change jobs or even move to a new city as a result, and may have suffered from depression or anxiety and have had to seek professional help and even take medication as a result of the situation you faced.
You may be able to receive monetary compensation for the damages you have suffered, including:
  1. Property Loss
  2. Income Loss
  3. Emotional Distress
  4. Physical Limitations or Pain
  5. Medical Bills
  6. Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  7. Limited Enjoyment with a Spouse or Child Due to Such Related Conditions
There are two options for pursuing legal action in any of these cases.  The first is to file a formal lawsuit against the person, business, corporation, or even the government for damages caused by negligence, whether intentional or not.  Another option would be to have an informal settlement, where both parties involved reach an agreement on the damages to be paid to the victim (plaintiff), without ever needing to take the case to court.  
Depending on the details of your particular situation, we would recommend that you contact us today for a free consultation so we can assess the best possible options for you.  There is no need to suffer through this alone any longer.


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