Friday, March 8, 2013

How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

Miami Traffic Lawyer's Tips on Speeding Ticket Do's and Don'ts

You were running late and decided to drive a little faster than you should have.  Or you just tend to drive over the speed limit without much thought.  What you didn’t plan for was the sound of sirens blaring behind you with red flashing lights, motioning you to pull over.  

While the statistics for auto accidents have decreased over the years, accidents caused by speeding continue to take the lives of too many people every year.  “Of the 32,885 people killed in 2010, roughly 1/3 -- 10,530, to be precise -- were killed in crashes caused by speeding. According to the GHSA, speeding stats haven't improved in over 30 years.” (

Traffic Fines
Because traffic fines tend to differ a bit by county, listed below are a few of the most common traffic fines related to each offense in the Miami-Dade county.  According to the Miami-Dade Clerk website, people who are given traffic citations have three options to choose from:
  1. Pay the civil penalty within 30 days and receive points on their driving record
  2. Attend driving school within 30 days and receive no points on their driving record
  3. Request a trial by a hearing officer or judge within 30 days.
Also noted on the website above, the total payment reflects all court fees, ticket fines, and court costs.
Expired or failure to show driver's license, registration or insurance$129.00
Seat belt violations$129.00
Speeding 6-9 MPH$144.00
Speeding 10-14 MPH$219.00
Speeding 15-19 MPH$269.00
Speeding 20-29 MPH$294.00
Speeding 30 MPH and over;
Only violations 316.1895 & 316.183(3)
Speeding in School/Construction zone 1-5 MPH$169.00
Speeding in School/Construction zone 6-9 MPH$169.00
Speeding in School/Construction zone 10-14 MPH$319.00
Speeding in School/Construction zone 15-19 MPH$419.00
Speeding in School/Construction zone 20-29 MPH$469.00
Speeding in School/Construction zone >= 30 MPH$619.00
Child restraint violation$179.00
Failure to stop for a school bus$284.00
Illegal parking in disabled spaces$196.00
Toll facility violations$149.00 plus unpaid toll
Failure to move or slow down for an
emergency vehicle
Failure to stop at a red traffic signal$277.00
Unsafe equipment (Proof of Repair needed)$109.00
Additional maximum fine for injury or
damage to a pedestrian

If you’ve been pulled over for excessive speeding or multiple moving violations, then you will need legal representation - call us today for your free consultation.  However, if  you were pulled over for driving 5-10 miles over the speed limit, then these next tips will be helpful to you.  

  • Demonstrate Compliance.  When you are pulled over, show your respect for the officer by turning off the motor and keeping your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.  This demonstrates your complete compliance. Whatever the situation, do not get out of the car for any reason.  When the officer approaches your car, the best thing is to do as he asks you, by giving your license and registration information.
  • Don’t Admit Guilt.  While the officer may have caught you speeding, there is no reason to admit any guilt as this could be used against you in court.  
  • Don’t Defend Yourself.  This is not the time to ask the officer to give you mercy or to begin crying.  The best policy is to draw as little attention to yourself as possible.  Feel free to respectfully ask to see the radar gun, and even where the officer was located when he clocked your speed.  Save your defense arguments for your court hearing.
  • Postpone Your Court Hearing.  The worst thing you can do when trying to avoid a traffic ticket is to simply miss your court hearing.  This could result in more penalties and fines.  By requesting your court hearing to be moved to later date, you have a better chance of having the officer miss the court hearing, which is an automatic canceled ticket.
  • Make Contact.  Before the court appearance, take the time to call or write the officer who issued the ticket.  Respectfully explain that you are willing to have an alternative punishment for the speeding ticket and wonder if he would be willing to discuss the alternatives with you.  Most people don’t consider this as an option, but approaching an officer in this way may result in getting that ticket reversed.
  • Court Hearing.  You have done all you can to ask for an alternative to the ticket, and all you can do now is hope that the impressions you made on the officer have paid off.  Remember to approach the court with respect, kindness, and a calm attitude.  State your case and hope for the best.

Remember:  Every time you speed, you are breaking the law and you are willingly taking the risk of getting another ticket.  So the moral of the story?  Drive the speed limit and stay under the radar.  


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